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T&M Mechanical has built a reputation providing excellent service to our clients. Whether it is a new construction project, the updating or retrofitting of existing equipment, or service plans to ensure your peace of mind, it is our mission to do business with honesty, integrity and value-added service.  We invite you to read about our full array of services and then contact us so that we can work together on your individual solution.

Running a household is busy enough without worrying about having heat, air conditioning or hot water when you need it.

We believe that customer service means delivering what we promised, when we promised and ensuring everything works to our customer’s satisfaction.



In what can often be a harsh Canadian climate, you need a reliable heating system. We will work with you to determine if your best solution includes natural gas, propane or oil. Our service includes new installations, repairs or regular maintenance. Perhaps your need is a conversion from oil or electric to natural gas or propane. We’ll help you analyze the cost and efficiency rate of that project. Plus, rebates may be available for qualifying equipment.

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In the heat of summer, the comfort of cool air is what we all want. Keeping your home cool and comfortable during that heat is our goal. Whether your need is the installation of a new unit or the relocation of an existing one, we can help.



Calculate Your Energy Savings!

  • Installation, upgrades, service, and maintenance
  • Relocations
  • Service Plans
  • Instant Hot water vs. Conventional
  • Own vs. rental. We can help you decide which option is best suited for you
  • Radiant heating (in-floor, heating walkways/driveways)
  • Hot water radiators
  • Indirect water heaters
  • Hot water recovery



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Humidifiers add moisture to dry air. If the air in your home is not humid enough, it can cause a number of risks for people living there. Air that is too dry can cause colds, sinus infections, nose bleeds or scratchy, sore throats. By running a humidifier in your home, you can help reduce bacteria and dust particles from the air, allowing everyone to enjoy cleaner air.

In addition to decreased static electricity, humidifiers also protect your home’s interior and structure. Prolonged exposure to dry air can cause wood to shrink and split. Avoid the expense of cracked or damaged hardwood floors, hand railings, cabinets, trims and moldings inside your house by creating an environmentally controlled atmosphere.

  • Installation, upgrades, service, and maintenance
  • Service Plans
  • We only install flow through or steam style humidifiers.

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Air Exchangers

  • Installation, upgrades, service, and maintenance
  • Service Plans (linked)
  • Balancing of new and existing units
  • Multiple installations available
  • Whole home ducted, simplified, and dedicated
  • HRV or an ERV


  • The technology exists to integrate your home heating and cooling system with “smart controllers” to allow for more efficient home environments. Allowing you to save money while maintaining the ideal temperature in your home.
  • Installation, upgrades, service, and maintenance
  • Full system home automation
  • Offsite monitoring of your HVAC (smart phone and computer accessible)
    Zoning options
  • Great for homes, secondary residences, cottages, snow birds, etc.


  • Upgrade your filtration system to help combat odors, tobacco smoke, pets, allergens, pollution, and much more
  • Installation, upgrades, service, and maintenance
  • MERV Rating for Filters

Fresh Air In Home
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When looking out your window, can you envision an inviting pool? Or perhaps a hot tub to ease into after a long day. We will work with you to design and build that dream into a reality. Maybe there is existing equipment that needs restoration. Whatever the need, our job is to get you and your family to enjoy the water faster. By working with your pool supplier we can make the design and installation fast and efficient.

  • Heaters
  • Pumps
  • Gas Lines
  • Indoor Pools -Design/Build
  • Pool or Hot Tubs – above ground and in ground
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat Recovery Options
  • Service Plans

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Are you looking to cool your home but it lacks the duct work for traditional air conditioning units? Ductless splits offer an affordable and energy efficient solution to cooling homes, particularly if there is no existing duct work. Or perhaps your need is for spot cooling a particularly hot area in your house such as a sunroom. Ductless splits or ‘mini-splits’ could be your answer.

  • Great for cottages, seasonal properties, garages and older homes with no duct work
  • Both cooling and heating solutions
  • Cost effective upgrade from electric heat
  • Your choice of ceiling or wall installation
  • Variable speed compressor
  • Multiple size units depending on your requirements
  • SEER info

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Some of the obvious advantages of installing a gas fireplace are that it’s a lot easier to simply turn it on than drag in firewood and start a fire. Plus gas fireplaces don’t produce smoke and other byproducts that can be hard on people with asthma or who are just sensitive to air pollution. Gas fireplaces are easy to maintain (no sweeping up ashes, thank you very much) and can be an effective way of zone heating your home (this is when you just heat up the rooms you’re living/working in as opposed to turning up the thermostat to have heat kick in all over the house. They can be pretty inexpensive compared to wood-burning fireplaces too (depending on the area where you live, gas can cost as little as 25% of the price of buying firewood).


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